Established and Managed by industry professionals, Sunshine industry oriented approach has enabled the kids to have a well-balanced understanding of the systematic knowledge of their curriculum.

The uncompromising attitude towards the quality of education had left us teamed up with the most dexterous and experienced faculty to ensure brilliant education to our kids every time. Moreover, by building top of the line facilities and creating vital study environment we are enriching the way to learn.

Our curriculum allows the kids to grasp all and what they want for learning. Designed cautiously under the austere direction of experts from relevant areas, the Sunshine curriculum aspire escalating the understanding of the Kids while keeping the parents far from anxiety. The Curriculum is divided into different quarters to make it easy for the teachers & Kids to understand.


The childhood education concept has undergone a vast change in the recent years and can be understood by the degree of children's mental & physical process. At Sunshine Pre-School, we're working relentlessly to research, upgrade & consult our program to keep pace with the ever-evolving world around your child. We have incorporated the latest research into a fresh approach to teaching and learning that is both practical and avant-garde. Here each curriculum is created within our own educational department experts, who bring decades of experience of child education. Besides, we have a panel of child psychologists who assist us in creating most effective courses. This is the reason why our children's courses have been recognized by parents who trust us.